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I like to focus on abandoned places or on old machineries, and I am constantly attracted by things that have been used to work hard. These objects seem to be permeated by the men who created them. These things also have a living character and an aesthetic harmony that is both joyful and moving. To capture the reality and essence of these places that nature re-appropriates. I am conscious of leaving nothing behind, and not throwing anything away. I do this out of respect for those who have enriched our world with their astute know-how.close quote

David was born in the industrial heart of England, but now lives in the rural landscape of Shropshire.
Over the years, he has won numerous awards and distinctions for the accuracy of his paintings. In 2008, he won the Still Life Award at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolor (RI) exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London and May 2010 was elected a full member of the IR.

His work has been exhibited at the London Galleries shopping mall, Bankside Gallery London, Royal Society of Birmingham, The Royal Cambrian Academy, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and many public and private regional galleries in the UK, Europe, China And in the United States, he is the author of two books on drawing techniques, which were published worldwide in 2008, and contributed to many articles in the art magazine press.

It uses a meticulous multiple glazing technique, sometimes with up to 17 layers of transparent paint. He does not use white paint in any of his works, preferring to preserve the areas of natural paper, his paintings can take several weeks of creation.

A recurring theme in his work is the enhancement of the nature of what man has created and abandoned, finding renewed life between the object and the environment.


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  • New York, OK Harris Works of Art, Art of the Real Exhibition
  • Los Angeles ,The National Watercolour Society Gallery, San Pedro.
  • London Plus One Gallery
  • Shanghai Quanhua Watermedia Gallery
  • Shanghai Biennial, Invited International artist
  • Nanjing ; Invited Artist; 3rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Watermedia Masters
  • Tianjin ,Watermedia Masters China Tour
  • Belgium Biennial, Invited International Artist
  • ...


David is the author of 2 books on drawing techniques that are available all over the world. He has appeared in many art books, and has been the subject of major articles in most prestigious art publications in the UK, Europe, USA and China.

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Being recognized by his peers for his paintings is always a special moment. The Winsor and Newton Prize is awarded, according to the jury, to the best group of works exhibited at the annual exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors at the London mail gallery.
"It is a great honor and to be awarded this prize always makes it very humble - especially since there were many other people who deserved as much as I did to receive it.
But this prize serves the entire community of artists painting in watercolor, as we all do the same way, serving this medium and sharing its beauties with the rest of humanity "

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