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19 Sept 2009

LThe success of our previous events has given us a tremendous opportunity to bring together two renowned French artists, Jean-Louis Morelle and Marc Folly, in Reims, from 19 September to 2 October 2009.

Marc Folly et Jean Louis Morelle

Marc Folly and Jean Louis Morelle

AArtists inspired and very knowledgeable of the subtleties of color and its perception by the human eye, the two men are employed in their research to explore new territories that help us to look differently.

Jean-Louis Morelle specially created for this exhibition an exceptional series on the statuary of the Cathedral of the Rite of Reims, testimonies of a strong personal commitment and a unique creative force.

Marc Folly, a staggering actor of the public demonstration - the highlight of our event - produced six portraits of Jean-Louis Morelle in front of 120 dazzled people, depicting the great personal and artistic complicity of the two masters.

Public exhibition

These direct realizations, in an astonishing process of shadow work which subtly subtly blends the essential features of the model's face without actually "painting" it, are inspired by the practice of the Flemings of the sixteenth century (grisaille); This is one of the keys, with the very precise and neat design, Marc Folly's exceptional talent.


The attentive presence in the first ranks of the audience of the great names of contemporary watercolors was a fine tribute to our guests of honor; We were able to recognize, in addition to Roland Palmaerts and Odette Feller, Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko, Maryse de May, Isabelle Gagneux, Xavier Swolfs and Claude Dupin, but also Diane Boilard and Luce Simard, a really big surprise to be there to share with us the atmosphere Watercolor Reims Event!

Roland Palmaerts, Slawa & Viktoria Prischedko
Odette feller, Diane Boilard & Luce Simard



The paintings presented by Marc Folly illustrated the extent of his palette and the broad field of his inspiration.
Beyond the crowds of the public on the evening of the opening, nearly 600 people visited the exhibition: students and friends of exhibitors, watercolor practitioners, but also amateurs and collectors.


Exhibition 2009 : Some pictures


Public exhibition : thanks


What the press said

Our event, relayed for our greatest pleasure by the N ° 2 of The Art of Watercolor and the appreciated presence of Laurent Benoist, its Editor in Chief, is now recognized nationally by great names of watercolor , Which will not fail to enrich, in the next few years, the rims of the Reims.
L'équipe d'aquarelle reims événement.
l'art de l'aquarelle
N° 2 from " L'art de l'aquarelle"
l'hebdo du vendredi
L'hebdo du vendredi, Free newspaper from Reims city

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