Couleurs d'asie


12 Sept 2014


Our Association Aquarelle Reims Evénement has the honor of presenting to you for the ninth consecutive year its Exhibition of Aquarelles d'Automne entitled "Couleurs d'Asie"

Our guests will be:


XU Yan 许雁

CAO Bei An 曹培安

YAN YaoHua

WEN Ming Xin 温明欣

Exhibition (Entrance free)

from 12th to 26th September 2014

• A free exhibition of the watercolors of the five internationally renowned artists will take place at the conservatoire with regional coverage of Reims.

• A paid demonstration for the following 2 artists:

Eban and CA Bei An each performed a demonstration in public on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 2.30 pm in the large auditorium of the conservatory of the city of REIMS


Exhibition 2014 : Some pictures

CAO Bei An

And a video with Cao Bei An


And a video with Eban


Biography of the painters




Eban was born in Banméthuôt in 1954 in Vietnam. By his mother he is native of a minority people of ancient Indochina: the Aes. His father is French. He studied in Bordeaux, a graphic school in advertising, but eventually moved to painting where he created his own style.

He has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1974. He has been selected several times by jury for the Watercolor Salon of Namur in Belgium, a major artistic event in Europe. In addition, he has produced several books with texts that show his watercolors, which explains his presence in many book fairs and festivals.

His paintings are the meeting of two worlds: Asia Millennium and old Europe. Besides, the vegetable world, but also mineral represents important landmarks in his pictorial research in watercolor. Acrylic in turn opens up new perspectives: games of colors and materials, more extensive choice of formats where the gesture is wide and free. He also likes to paint on large canvases. Each array turns into a search for a new expression.




  • Aquarellades de Mons (Belgique), janvier-février 2013
  • Exposition rétrospective au château de Dorlisheim, décembre 2012
  • Exposition « Aquarellences » Alençon 2012
  • Exposition Beijing (Chine) 2012
  • Symposium Chicoutimi (Canada) 2012
  • Festval Brioude 2011
  • Exposition Lorient Chapitre 2011
  • Exposition Chemin d’art sacré à l’église romane St Georges à Haguenau. France 2010.
  • Exposition Groupe ACI immobilière. Clermont-Ferrand France 2010.
  • Galerie Veith à Stuttggart.Allemagne.2008.
  • Exposition à Badenweiler. Allemagne 2007.
  • Exposition à l’Hôtel de Ville de Strasbourg. France 2005.
  • Grand magasin Manor à Bâle.Suisse 2005.

Guest artist

- Artiste invité, Symposium Phares sur Champlain, édition 2010, Champlain (Québec).Canada
- Invité d'honneur au Centre culturel de Libramont en Belgique par l'association "La couleur et l'eau", 2008

Another exhibitions

  • Biennale Brioude of watercolor 2011
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Namur .Belgium 2011
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Namur .Belgium 2010
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Namur .Belgium 2009
    International Watercolor Exhibition in Saint Yrieix.France 2008
    International Watercolor Exhibition, Namur. Belgium 2007
    International Watercolor Exhibition, Saint Yrieix. France 2006
    Exhibition at the Alliance française of Singapore. Singapore 2005

In parallel to his career as a painter, Eban worked on the creation of watercolor books. These books allow us to follow the personal itinerary of the artist.
Published books:

Annie Roth éditor:

  • A la source des souvenirs Annie Roth éditeur 2010
  • Par Chemins . Annie Roth éditeur 2010
  • Vichy Fluorescences . Annie Roth éditeur 2009
  • Empreintes de Rêves. Annie Roth éditeur 2008
  • Un moment de Méditation. Annie Roth éditeur 2008

les Petites Vagues éditions:

  • Voyages. Les Petites Vagues éditions 2006
  • Aquarelles de l’Hérault .Les Petites Vagues éditions 2005

XU Yan

Xu Yan

Xu YAN, a native of Shanghai, graduated from the Normal University of Shanghai, Department of Fine Arts, specializing in oil painting (1986).

Since 1989, she moved to Belgium to study at her own expense on one side, and on the other side to absorb Western art and deepen her artistic achievements. His works had been exhibited at the Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts on the occasion of the inauguration of a new gallery in 1986, and since then they have participated in a number of international exhibitions. His works are researched and collected by international amateurs. The duty of a painter consists in transcribing everyday reality into a simple and realistic representation. This transcription must include a personal touch of the artist and a spiritual dimension.

My works have the particularity of capturing the diversity of the expressions of the characters and the bliss of the moments in order to express a spiritual connotation and an artistic style. They seek to mark modernism, romanticism and aestheticism so that the image, delicacy and sensitivity of the image contain an emotion peculiar to each one, and attain a kind of symbolism and surrealism. Finally, my works must allow the public to question, to find a better balance between the spirit and love, and also to make the soul of each one resonate through the visible reality.

All these works also emphasize a well-tempered personality and a spirit of the artist's time.

CAO Bei An

Cao Bei-an was born in 1957 in Shanghai (China). He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai in 1984.

Afterwards, Cao Bei-an teaches art in Shanghai: School of Arts and Crafts, Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Tongji University, Faculty of Arts then University of Teachers of China 'East.

Cao Bei-an is a member of the Association of Artists of China and the Association of Industrial Design of China.

Cao Bei-an is now a member of the Royal Association of Artists of Belgium, the European International Watercolor Association and the Salon de l'Aquarelle de Belgique. He teaches art at the School of Watercolor of Namur (Belgium).

Cao Bei-an is a special contributor to the magazine "Aquarelle Chinoise".


  • 1988
    - His work "Pour l'Honneur de la Mère Patrie" is chosen to participate in the first national exhibition of physical and cultural art
    - "Spring" wins the prize of excellence in the contest "Watercolor Cup of Mali".
    - His painting "Poussière" is part of the collections of the Consulate General of Belgium in Shanghai.
    - "Unité, Amitié, Progrès" is selected to participate in the national art exhibition at the Rencontres Sportives d'Asie.
    - His work "On this plateau" wins the Prix du Cheval d'Or at the Chinese Watercolor Competition in Hangzhou.
    - "You Help Others Live a New Life" is purchased by the International Red Cross.
    - "Paix" is selected to participate in the National Exhibition of Advertising Art.
    - "City of Water" and "Woman of Nationality Wa" are chosen to participate in the exhibition "a hundred Chinese watercolors" in South Korea.
    - Cao Bei-an takes part in several art exhibitions in Shanghai and builds his own solo exhibition.
    - He goes to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium.
    - Cao Bei-an graduated from the Faculty of Oil Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium.
    - Cao Bei-an completes the postgraduate courses and is a graduate of the Faculty of Oil Painting of the Higher Academy of Visual and Plastic Arts in Mons, Belgium.
    - Cao Bei-an teaches art and exhibitions several times in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.
    1993-1995- Personal exhibitions at the "Elkes" Art Gallery in Watzlarer (Germany).
    - Personal exhibition at the International Cultural Center of the European Communities.
    - Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery "Patrick Bicqueray".
    - First prize at the 4th Biennale Internationale d'Aquarelle. Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery "Trièdre".
    - Interviewed and presented by "TV Brussels".
    - Personal exhibitions at the "Rops" Gallery

  • 1997
    - First Prize of the 5th International Watercolor Biennial (Watercolor Salon of Namur).
    - Publication of the catalog "Paintings of Cao Bei-an".
    - First Prize "Prix de la Ville" at the International Watercolor Competition of Hirson (France).
    - Personal exhibition at the "FASF" Gallery (Belgium).
    - First Prize "Public, Professionals" at the 6th International Watercolor Biennial of the Salon de l'Aquarelle of Namur.
    - Personal exhibition at the "Fay" Gallery (France).
    - Interview and presentation of the work at the RTBF (Belgian national television). Participation in the exhibition of the works of the postgraduates, at the Museum of Mons, Belgium.
    - Prestige Prize at the International Watercolor Competition in Arles.
    - Personal exhibition at the "Pommerage" Gallery (Belgium).
    - Personal exhibitions at the Galleries "P-Art", "Teresa" and "Ransbeck" (Belgium).
    - Gold Medal at the International Watercolor Competition in Potania (France).
    - Cao Bei-an is invited as President of the jury for the 2002 Competition.
    - Personal exhibitions at the Cercle des Beaux-Arts (Liège) and Château Péralta (Angleur).
    - Prestige Prize at the International Watercolor Competition in Lyon (France).
    - Publication of "Selection of watercolors by Cao Bei-an" and "Works by Cao Bei-an".
    - Selected for the 8th Salon de l'Aquarelle de Belgique.
    - Selected for the international exhibition of Aquarelle de Bretagne (France).
    - Invitation to the International Festival of Art of Lyon (France).
    - Exhibition of Watercolors in Brussels.
    - International Grand Prix of Watercolor of Tricas (France).
    - International watercolor exhibition in Brussels, Limoges (France) and Lyon (France).
    - First prize of the jury at the 10th International Exhibition of Watercolor of Namur.
    - Presentation of the artist in the magazine "Pratique des Arts".
    - Exhibition at the City Hall of Paris.
    - Exhibition in Wattrelos (59-France).

WEN Ming Xin


orn in China in 1965, she learned painting at Gansu College.
After studying at the Fine Arts of Shandong, she settled in Belgium in 2001 where she married the artist CAO BEI AN. She has exhibited her work at the Printemps de l'Aquarelle and at the International Biennale of Namur in Belgium. She was invited to the Lyon Art Festival in 2004 and participated in numerous exhibitions in France.
This accomplished portraitist realizes in pencil and watercolor many "stops on images" continuing at his rhythm his research on the alchemy of water and pigment. A dive into the heart of the origins of fascinating encounters with regions and men.

I like the portrait because I am interested in the look, it is the part of the face that I like most work: the eyes are an open window on the heart. I also like the part of chance that reigns in watercolor: impossible to realize twice the same painting. It is a strong medium that allows to express everything.
Wen ming Xin

YAN YaoHua

Born in Shanghai, China
Currently living in Markham, Ontario, Canada

YaoHua is:

  • Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor
  • Member of the Association of Artists of China
  • Member of Shanghai Artist Association
  • Member of the Shanghai Watercolor Institute
  • Assistant Professor of Art Department, Shanghai University of Technology
  • Graduated painting of the Ministry of East China Normal University


  • 2012
    - The 87th Open International Juried Art Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Daler Rowney Award.
  • 2011
    - The 86th Open International Juried Art Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Currys-M.Graham & Co. Award.
  • 2007
    - Prix de la meilleure Aquarelle: 46e Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
  • 1989
    - The Excellent Award of China Great Prix Competition
    - The Excellent Award of second National Watercolour Exhibition
    - The First Place Award of Zhonghuan Cup Great Prix Painting Competiton
    - The Excellent Award of Shanghai Watercolour Exhibition

Previous Exhibitions

  • 2013
    - The 88th Open International Juried Art Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour
  • 2013
    - Namur Watercolour Biennial (Namue, Belgium)
  • 2012
    - The 87th Open International Juried Art Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour
  • 2011
    - Namur Watercolour Biennial (Namue, Belgium)
  • 2011
    - The 86th Open International Juried Art Exhibition of the Canadian
  • 2008
    - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
  • 2007
    - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
  • 2006
    - The 81th annual open juried exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour
  • 2004
    - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
  • 2004
    - The 79th annual open juried exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour
  • 2003
    - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition2003 One of a kind show and sale
  • 2002
    - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

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