Maryse De May was born in France, in Paris in the Montparnasse quarter of a printer father and a very active housewife.

His father brought back from his work of the macules printed on a four colors (first draft and first passage). Unfinished, the faces are cyan and magenta pears. A fantastic colorful world.

In 1953, the director of the nursery school summoned her parents, Maryse De May has white hair ... the investigation shows that she has a very big concern: she can not draw squirrels ...

At the Collège du Sacré Cœur in Paris, her drawing teacher, Mademoiselle Alix, noticed her work and offered to join an art school. She accepts, from the start.

In 1964, his graduate studies stopped in the preparatory year of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris. Family affairs forced her to enter the prosaic world of work: A desert of twenty years of Secretariat ...

In 1983, at thirty six years, she discovered watercolor and devoted herself to it.

In 1985, Maryse De May met Emmanuel Blot, a young oil painter at the Ecole d'Étampes, at the Atelier des Artistes in Old Châtres in Arpajon. The amazing maturity and erudition of this artist give him a quality education. Student for 8 years, he teaches the layout of a subject, to grasp the essence and the essential, to make the colors vibrate. She practices oil and pastel, studies and copies Vermeer, Rembrandt, but also Van Dongen, Modigliani, Egon Schiele.

In 1989, his first solo show was a success.

And so much the worse for the pejorative and uncommercial side that this medium suggests to the media.

Water becomes the means of transporting its colors on paper, its mixed paste pigments resonate in dreamlike melts. His philosophical approach and the self-taught focus of his touch allow him to reach the soul of his subjects.

At the beginning of 1992, being able to keep only her exciting discoveries for her, she taught watercolor in cultural associations.

In 1994, she tried the portrait. There, it is no longer a matter of drawing a flower whose corolla is deformed, it seeks resemblance. The acuteness of observation and drawing obsess him. She finds a compromise between figuration and abstraction, to say and not to say. His psychology reveals the aura of his models.

Maryse de May - Charline à l'atelier

At the end of 1998, at the Salon of Ballancourt sur Essonne (91) the Municipality buys a portrait of his daughter.

A friend asks her to make a watercolor joining her two bitches. The "command" frightens her, but she accepts. The work brings tears to the eyes of the masters.

At the end of 1999, "Charline à l'atelier" (opposite) received the bronze medal at the Salon des Artistes Français.

Solicited for the portrait of a deceased young man, she is promoted portraitist.

In 2003, she wrote her first didactic work on watercolor. "The adventure with the flowers" explaining his method by means of floral compositions, on the advice of his editor.

Prestigious salons, in France and abroad, invite him to exhibit. She accepts sometimes, but the artist shows little, she prefers his studio.

She says : open quotewatercolor painter is also a job of mover  close quote.

Annually, she organizes a personal exhibition in her canton of Essonne, in Arpajon, or opens for a few days the doors of her studio of Saint Germain lès Arpajon.

Livre l'aventure de fleurs

In 2005, second work Painting with his feelings. A challenge ... it's a best seller. Tenderness, poetry, joy of painting, humor, but also technical, strength and character, she writes as she paints; With empathy. The specialized press speaks of "moving watercolors".
The self-taught artist became a master watercolorist.

Peindre avec les sentiments

Yet in 2007, Maryse De May says:

open quoteI am not a skilled person who counts on his hand to guide the brush, I have to compensate with my heart and I then let my creative brain express myself. I get a sensitive layout, a nuanced touch that is sometimes clumsy. However, even if I could, I would not change anything.close quote

Some Awards

aquarelle de Maryse de May
  • 1994 Price "Il y a 100 ans CAILLEBOTTE"  YERRES (Artist's Town) .
  • 1999  BRONZE medal  Salon des Artistes Français.
  • 1999  Silver medal Arts-Sciences-Lettres
  • 2002 Grand Prix of the City Salon International d'Art Animalier à Saint Pierre les Nemours (77)
  • 2004 Award of Honor of Saint Laurent sur Gorre.
  • 2007 Jury Prize Salon de l'Aquarelle at Saint Pierre les Nemours.
  • 2008 Price "Christiane CAUTY" Salon International de l'Aquarelle Saint Yrieix La Perche.

Some awards from  "Prix des Conseils Régionaux et Généraux".

Participation in prestigious International Trade Shows:

  • Lamballe (22),
  • Saint Yrieix La Perche (87),
  • Saint Laurent sur Gorre (87)