Born In 1957

  • Graduated from the National Institute of Art and for the Internship Organization in  Odessa / Ukraine
  • Member of the Academy of Visual Arts of Kiev/Ukraine
  • Member of the Professional Association of Artists of the Visual Arts of Germany
  • Member of L'ART Contemporain /G.-D. Of Luxembourg Asbl


  • Prize at the Republican Theater Festival in Odessa / Ukraine
  • Prize at the Republican Film Festival of Youth in Kiev / Ukraine
  • 1st Prize "100 Years Sail Sport" Artistic Competition of Kiev / Ukraine
  • Graduated from the Year of the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts
  • Audience Award of the Gallery "Artitude" Paris

Individual Exhibitions

  • Gallery Théâtre Trèves,
  • Gallery Zeugma à Köln/ Germany,
  • Gallery "A Spiren" in Strassen , Luxemburg,
  • Gallery "Thuillier" in Paris,
  • Gallery "Lee" in Paris,
  • European Parliament of Strasbourg
  • Gallery « Süd » France,
  • Chateau Monaise in Trèves Germany,
  • Galerie "Chercheur d'Art" à Metz
Slawa Prischedko

Others Exhibitions

  • Kiev (Ukraine), Nikolaev (Ukraine), Odessa (Ukraine),
  • Kishenyov (Moldavia), Murmansk (Russia),
  • Trêves (Germany), Saarbrücken (Germany),
  • Kaiserslautern (Germany), Neuwied (Germany),
  • Pruem (Germany), Namur (Belgium),
  • LINEART Gent (Belgium), Holland ART Fair in Den Haag,
  • 11-eme ARTEX Tokyo'99 (Japan),
  • Meguro Museum of Art Tokyo (Japan),
  • Paris, Troyes (France),
  • Europart '2000‘ à Barcelona,
  • Foires Kirchberg, Luxemburg, Strassen, Beaufort,